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Corporate Stories

Are you considering a comprehensive and meaningful way to record the company story? Maybe your company is a multi-generation family business or an association or partnership; perhaps you are celebrating an upcoming historical milestone in your company. Tell your story with the help of established writers, researchers, and communications specialists. Perhaps you need a ghost biography writer.

Your company history book or video will deliver multiple marketing and public relations opportunities. Produce multiple copies for key vendors, customers and employees. It’s time to capture your corporate history or produce an executive biography.  Typical projects include:

Your company’s historical branding is valuable —part of the overall company legacy, public relations and marketing mix. We’ll help you find what is uniquely relevant, impactful and authentic about your organization.

Our dedicated teams of corporate historians, archivists, tribute book writers and designers have a passion for company stories, and enough experience with today’s leading business brands to create outstanding results. Our team of associates across the US and Canada will explore your history, capturing insights to create targeted and powerful programs that help build your brand. Not just a chronological history, but one that helps you get your point across to the people you need to reach—customers, investors and employees. You may elect for more than  just a single corporate history book, video, or brochure, - our integrated, dynamic corporate story solutions are custom developed for every company.