Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a relatively new phenomenon – and smart entrepreneurs, professionals and executives capitalize on building their own personal brand. It used to be as simple as producing a typo-free résumé and biography with a picture. Today it requires a multi-media coordinated package.

Our network of professional writers, researchers, video, web and design professionals will help you shape and create, communicate and manage your professional identity.

There are three basic components to building your personal brand:

  • A strong personal value and profile statement
  • An action plan to distinguish your brand from the competition
  • A powerful coordinated marketing strategy

We will lead you through the process as we have for hundreds of executives, musicians, professional athletes, artists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and others seeking to maximize their personal brand.

Think of yourself as a small business and do what smart companies do by establishing a marketing budget to promote Brand You! Five percent of your earnings can go a long way in providing the resources to promote your professional identity.

Some personal branding components include: The Personal Press kit, an autobiographical book or newsletter series, videos, blogs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media outlet positioning (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).

Tell your story. We can help.

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